Lecce is named capital of the Italian Baroque. This artistic style is characterized by rich decorations and developed in the XVII century. Buildings and churches in Lecce are baroque jewels made with the local white stone named pietra leccese. There are also marks of the previous conquerors: the Romans left the amphitheatre and the theatre. In spite of being small, this city gather such a high number of masterpieces: like in a museum you are forced to turn left and right non-stop not to risk to miss something. The best example of baroque architecture is maybe the front of Santa Croce church: look at the images and you will be astonished by the richness of details. Duomo square is another stop: here there are the Duomo, the bell tower, the palace of the bishop and of the seminary. The patron of the city is Saint Oronzo, the same one than in Ostuni.

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