Matera is the main city of Basilicata, an Italian region bordering Apulia. Matera is protected by Unesco: the historical center is unique in the world. It is divided in two districts named Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso: they are separated by a ravine where the rill Gravina di Matera flows.The peculiarity of this city are the houses dug in the calcareous rocks: the most ancient are real caves, simple holes on the mountain sides. In the Fifties the Italian govern started a program to built new more comfortable houses for the inabitants, so that the center was almost abandoned, but in the late Eighties it was understood its historical and artistic importance. The restoration brought new life to the Sassi (an Italian word meaning stones) so that Matera became UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wandering up and down among the alleys give the chance to make a trip in the past. If you are visiting Apulia and you are in Bari, don't miss to go to Matera: in hour and half by train you will reach this magic city and you will never forget it.

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