In the past Suzhou, also known as the Venice of Orient, was an important trading port, in fact the centre is crossed by canals. Marco Polo, the famous Venetian merchant, talked about it with enthusiasm and admiration and appreciated it for its garden, silk and beautiful women. Today the ancient part is rather small if compared to the modern one, but still it is pleasing to walk along the narrow alleys crossing stone bridges and feeling the timeless atmosphere. Small and big garden are hidden among the buildings: they are a precious relic of Suzhou glorious past. Wandering across Suzhou ancient part is an endless discovery, a delightful feeling of a dateless place. Poets and painting immortalized this city in their works: today Suzhou has lost much of its charm but it is still worth visiting. In the pictures you can see the water canals with small boat floating on, the nice stone bridges, the narrow paved alleys, the white houses with pagoda roof.

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