The term arc is derived from the Latin word "arcus", it means "keel". These photos represent arcs both of Europe and of Asia art. There are narrow alleys typical of Liguria, a northern Italy region; there is a Forum in Rome; there is an arcade in a cloister and also the rest of a Morocco.

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العربية قَوس  简体中文 n.电弧,弧;n.弧  中國傳統   Deutsch Bogen  English arc  Español CRS  Ελληνικά Τόξο  Fins kaari  Française arc  हिन्दी चाप || वृतखंड  Italiano arco   日本 ARC   한국어    Nederlands boog   Norske arc   Português arco   Россию Дуга   Svenska båge   Türk ark