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Increase your Google Page Rank

So finally it is crucial to get an high evaluation from Google and Yahoo. When a website is submitted directly to Google the site gets a small penalty, Google prefers to find a site following the link from another website. Recently the submission of commercial sites to Yahoo is charged. Google gives a Page Rank (from 0 to 10) to each website; the website that come out from Google search engine have both high Page Rank and keywords that match the keywords of the query. How can I get an high Google page rank? Web pages should be as rich as possible of text; robots cannot read images. Keywords should be repeated in the page about 5%. The site should be referred by important websites. Pages catalogued into dmoz are well considered from Google. The total Page Rank of a website increases with the number of its pages; each page adds 1 to the global site Rank. The architecture of a site has to be chosen with attention. The score of each page of a website is influenced by the internal links of the whole website; depending on your needs, you can concentrate the highest scores on one ore more web pages (Rank I and Rank II).

Calculate the Google Page Rank of your website

There are different tools that allow to calculate the scores of each page of a website. Star configuration is the architecture that allows to maximise the score on the main page. There are links only between the main page and each of the other pages of the site. Page 1 is like a hub; it is important (Page Rank 2.4) because each communication between the other pages can be executed only through it.

star configuration

Normally websites have a menu; the visitors can move from any page to any pages with just a click; if each page of the website is linked to all the other pages, each page will receive score 1. If all the pages of a website have low rank the web page is not too interesting for Google; no page will be able to compete with external pages having related subject and higher Page Rank.
menu configuration

So apparently the design of a website should be a trade off between efficiency (‘star’ configuration) and user friendly (‘menu’ configuration). It is possible to use a trick to overcome this problem. Using opportunely the hidden links described before, robots see a 'star' and users see a 'menu'. All the inconvenient links that lower the 'importance' of the main page are hidden; these links can be seen by the website human users but not by the search engines robots.

Page Rank optimisation

The best website architecture to enhance Google Page Rank

The strategy adopted in the previous example cannot be applied directly to large sites; usually the menu inserted in each page is short and recalls only the main topics of the site. If, for example, a website is formed by 50 pages, it is not convenient each page to have 49 links to the remaining pages. The pure 'star' configuration is also difficult to create; large sites are normally subdivided in subtopics. For example, this website is organised in four main topics. It is possible to create for each topic a main page center of a star and to link all the stars together. Like in the ‘menu’ configuration the four main pages tend to share equally the overall score; as a consequence, the main page doesn't get an high Page Rank.
To overcome this problem we can split the site in two independent sites; the two sites are not linked each over. The main site is a big star. The residue is a shapeless site; a map page, acting as backbone, links all the residue pages. The main drawback of this solution is that this kind of site is more difficult to scan; each of the two sites needs at least a link coming from an external website (indexed by Google). Another website optimisation strategy is now introduced. We consider now the following general site:

general configuration I

The score of the pages is spread around; the Page Rank of the main page (1.2) is not the highest Page Rank. The ramification 1.6-1.7 is like a link highway, it drains rank because it forms a main direction. We can the close this highway (and generally all the links that are not part of the main star) by means of hidden links. As recalled before, this operation is transparent to the website visitor. All the orphans (0.6) are then linked to the main page with a site map page (2.7). The score of the main page is increased from 1.2 to 1.7; it is necessary to consider that part of this rise is due to the introduction of a new page in the website, the map page.
general Page Rank optimisation

To further improve the main page rank, we can ask each orphan to link the main page; please note that these links have only one arrow, the main page is not pointing to the orphans. The scheme is messy, but the result is effective. The main drawback of this approach is that the indexing of the site is more difficult; robots find many walls (hidden links) before they can crawl all the site. This kind of site is like a labyrinth.

general Page Rank optimisation II

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