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Author:Andre Cotte
Date:25/06/2013 hour 9:00

Hi! I plan to put your site on a list for schools, here in Québec, Canada. We put a lot of efforts to explain Creative Commons License to our teachers and student. Why not put one of these licenses for your photos. Here is the site to choose which of the 6 licenses available is better for you:
Date:12/02/2007 hour 8:57

The number of visitors of cepolina website is growing; in a few days a faster server will host the website (DELL PowerEdge 1950, CPU 2X Xeon 5160, HD 2X 146GB 15K, RAM 4GB). Enjoy it!!
Date:26/01/2007 hour 2:39

Today I found your website and I was excited to find so many professional photos. Congratulations for the work. I will always visit and refer your site.
Date:10/07/2006 hour 20:45

The photos are breath taking. I plan on using it in an educational film. Your generosity is truly appreciated! You are sooo talented!!! Thank you for sharing.
Date:9/9/2005 hour 23:5

Next website update will include the following changes:
- about 1000 new images will be added
- all the photos of the archive will be available also at high resolution.

I am looking forward to share with you the photos from
my last holydays: New York and Hawaii.
Date:6/9/2005 hour 23:12

I have been recomending the site to some of the people I have met through work
Author:Arne Sandsmark
Date:2/9/2005 hour 13:11

Can I use pics in print?free? Copyright-text? Photographer?
1 from Paris and 1 from Budapest
Date:15/8/2005 hour 10:08

I found your page on how to increase Google Page Rank very interesting. I did not fully understand, however, what is the best way to structure the links on a site. I currently have about 15 pages on my site and they all link to other via a main menu at the top, and simple links at the bottom. I would like to apply your concepts to my site, but did not fully understand how to do this.
Date:28/7/2005 hour 19:27

the image of the mayonaise (spelling) vehicle is a 65 chevrolet el camino if you care to know... some great photos, btw!
Date:25/7/2005 hour 17:49

I’m writing for a magazine.
I’d like to use some of your photos – 4 or 5.
I didn’t choose yet.
Can I use them?

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