cepolina photo home Tonga is an archipelago formed by 170 islands lying in the Ocean Pacific close to Samoa and Fiji, it is part of Polynesia . Hawaii is the 50th state of USA. It is formed by an archipelago of hundreds of volcanic islands scattered in the middle of the Ocean Pacific 2500 miles away far from the west coast of California. San Francisco is a port city in western California, USA. Mexico is a country belonging to Latin America, it is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. New York is the most populated city of USA and one of the major metropolis of the world. Martinique is a French overseas department settled in the eastern Caribbean in the Windward Islands. Slovakia is a country in central Europe close to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria. Bulgaria is a country in east Europe close to Greece, Macedonia and Romania. Germany is settled in the heart of Europe, it is an important industrialized country, but it is also rich in natural beauties such as the Black Forest and nice cities like Baden Baden. Portugal is a country settled in southwestern Europe, in the Iberian peninsula, close to Spain. It is a country facing the Atlantic Ocean: its coasts hide many natural beauties. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, an eastern European country having borders with Poland, Austria, Germany and Slovakia. Prague is built on the banks of the river Vltava; it is a city rich in history, culture and art. Romania is a country in eastern Europe close to Hungary and Bulgaria. It is a large state with flat landscapes and partly occupied by Carpathian mountains. Switzerland is a an European country close to Austria, Italy and Germany. The Alps occupy much part of its territory. The natural beauties of the Swiss landscape attract many tourists during all the year. Norway is a Nordic country settled in the Scandinavian peninsula close to Sweden, Finland and Russia. The coasts face the Atlantic Ocean and are characterized by fjords, long and narrow inlets formed by glaciers. Finland is quite close to North Pole. Its Finnish name is Suomi, the capital is Helsinki. Saint Petersburg is the most European of Russian cities. It has many attractions like the winter Palace, the Orthodox church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood with its beautiful cupolas and the fortress of Saint Peter and Paul. Moscow is the capital of Russia, a huge metropolis where the contrast between the rich and the poor is very strong. England is the largest division of United Kingdom. Here there are images London bay day and by night; there is the symbol of the city, the Big Ben, some views of the river Thames and the Tower Bridge. Morocco is the north African country settled on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The images are about towns and villages, desert and country, natural landscape and archaeological sites, Muslim religion and everyday life sceneries. Spain is a republic situated in Southwestern Europe in the Iberian peninsula close to Portugal. Here there are images of Madrid and Segovia which is close to the capital. Hungary is a country settled in east Europe; after the fall of Communism much changed and today it is has opened its doors to tourism. France is a country of western Europe close to Italy. Its capital is Paris, Italian coasts develop for thousands of kilometres creating the basis of summer tourism. Italy means also history in fact it is the richest country of the world in monuments and artistic treasures: Rome, Venice and Florence are heartbreaking cities. Macedonia is a republic in south eastern Europe; it is a small mountainous country with the typical Mediterranean peculiarities: smiling and friendly people, warm sun, white houses. It is strongly influenced by Turkey, Greece is a republic in southeastern Europe located in the Balkan peninsula. It is known for its glorious past made of artistic and architectonic production. These images sum up what you can find in this rich country: sea, temples, natural beauties. New Zealand is a country in Oceania; it has become famous after having being the cinematographic set of the movie Tamil Nadu is a state in southern India. There are the beaches facing the Arabian Sea, old temples in Mamallapuram, thick jungle with wild animals, green hills with tribes living in primitive way and Maharaja palaces. Maharashtra is the second largest region of India. Here there are images of Mumbai city center and of Ellora caves. Kerala is a state on south-western Indian coast. The heartbreaking landscape is characterized by sandy beaches, green palms and navigable inner channels. Hampi is a village in northern Karnataka, in India. Today it is a religious center and a tourist place appreciated for its old temples and ruins. Goa is a state on the Indian west coast. It was colonized by the Portuguese. Goa is famous also for its wonderful sandy beaches with palms tongued by the Arabian sea. Andra Pradesh is an Indian region situated in the south east. The capital is Hyderabad, a Muslim city where old and new mix together: the old center with the market and the narrow streets is opposed to the high-tech cyber city. India is a huge country situated in southern Asia. This folder contain images taken in South India, the most impressive part of the nation. You can see marine landscapes, jungle, ancient temples, wild animals, big cities. Java is an island of Indonesia whose capital is Jakarta. Here there are photos about the whole country: volcanoes, beaches, temples, cities, maharaja palaces, Javanese people, rice fields and much more. Yunnan is located on the south west part of China, close to Tibet and Sichuan. Because of its isolated position in the past it was a rebellious district. Here there are images of Kunming, the main city, of Lijiang old city, of Dali and Erhai Erhai lake. Henan is a Chinese province located in the centre of the country. The region, crossed by the Yellow River, is rich in lowlands. The main city is Zhengzhou, a metropolis in continuous growth. Here there are images of Henan museum. Beijing or Peking is the capital of the Chinese Republic, the heart of Chinese trade, industrial production and political power. Modern skyscrapers mix together with ancient temples. The most famous part of Beijing is the Forbidden City where the emperor lived. Japan is a fascinating country for Western people. It is formed by an archipelago of more than 3000 islands. You can see images of the capital Tokyo; modern skyscrapers and old temples. Guangxi is a province located in the south of China close to Guangdong. The north areas are characterized by rice fields, water flows and most of all green hills with strange shapes. Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997 when it became a special administrative region of China: you can see pictures of Lantau islands, skyscrapers and an old port full of wood boats (sampans). Shanghai is with Beijing one of the biggest cities of China. Shanghai growth is incredible, the building activity is a powerful business. Here there are images of Pudong, Yuyuan bazaar, the great museum and spectacular skyscrapers. Jiangsu is a province located on the east coast of China: this area is characterized by the bumper agriculture production. Suzhou is named the Venice of Orient thanks to the many canals which gave the city a leading role as trading port in the past.
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