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Cepolina stock photo offers free photos about travel and nature. The site is ten years old, thousands of images are available for download. Most of the travel photos have been taken during summer holidays. Travel photos are classified by regions: Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, Europe. The remaining categories are: art, food, object, people, technology, transport. Each photo can be downloaded in 7 different sizes. Many sights of Japan and China are present. Car lovers can find many luxury vehicles. The most visited photo categories are: New York, sweets, clouds and trees.

Nature photos

Nature is the most populated image section: this reign shows itself in many different ways: plants, trees, river, lake, waterfall, animals, clouds. A large number of nature images has been collected exploring the mountains, the sea and the country. Animals are the vibrant colourful part of the nature; many images of animals are present, from the elephant to the ant. And don't forget fire which is the first and maybe the biggest discover occurred by men observing the surrounding nature.
photo of aloe buds
photo of carnivorous plants
drop of water on the grass

Water photos

The water images include rivers and rills, lakes and puddles, snow and ice, waterfalls, fountains and swimming pools, and many other pictures. Water can be found under the nature category. If you are looking for a screen saver or desktop images try to look in the categories bubbles, drops, icicle and ice. The sea image collection includes water images specifically related to this topic.
fountain of Matera
sea sunset India orange reflection-sun
shell exoskeleton

Air photos

Clouds images are classified according to the type and the atmosphere level where they form. The altitude, the kind of air current, the temperature are variables that influence the cloud aspect; for instance there are large and puffy clouds called stratocumulus or light white lines resembling a painter's mark that are named cirrus. The airplane allows to have a look at the sea from the sky: the huge vastness of the ocean can be hardly perceived, but it is possible to appreciate the shoreline and the atolls scattered all over the sea surface. Many images are taken during a flight to the Hawaii.
carousel fair boat
photos of contrails
orange fireworks

Flowers photos

Cepolina image collection includes includes many nature images of plants and flowers belonging to many different species. They are ordered according to their own family, for instance in the category asteraceae you can find the daisy, the arnica, the gerbera, the thistle and a category with a plants mix of flowers of this group. There are plants typical of the Mediterranean forest and also tropical forest found in India, Hawaii, Tonga like mangrove. There are also carnivorous plants that have the peculiarities of trapping insects using different devices such as a sticky calyx or a catching leaf. There are wild plants that grow free in field and are often unknown because considered less nice than cultivated flowers. Both experts and unskilled people will be interested in moving inside this category looking at nature pictures: a flower image can be used in many different ways, everyone will find the most suitable one for his aim.
cyclamen pink petals
orchid paphiopedilum violet
free tulip images

Animals photos

The animals category contains a wide variety of animals images, both real and fake: there are the most common domestic animals, but also jungle animals such as monkey and elephant, mountain animals as the steenbok, country animals like cows and horses, frightening reptiles, colourful sea animals. Also small animals are present like funny insects and awful spiders. Overall there are thousands of images from the animal kindgom.
birds images
macaque rhesus

Food photos

The beauty of food directly whets the appetite. You can find fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, vegetarian, bread, drinks, snacks and a large variety of sweets. The culinary specialities come from all over the world: Japan sashimi, the italian pasta, the tropical fruit as the carambola, the oriental spices, the China soup. Sweets are probably the most tempting photo collection.
banana images
biscuit cookie nut USA
fruit sweet

Asia photos

Asia is a huge continent, rich in art, tradition, culture, history. These images are about China, India, Japan, Java and Singapore. Looking among the images you can find nature, skyscrapers, Chinese people, art and Hampi, Solo and Beijing. These images give an idea about what Orient is. There are also pictures of Hong Kong and Macao, two colonies belonged to England and Portugal that have recently passed under the China government. Macao is famous for its night life and colourful skyscrapers.
Beijing images
Moscow Uspensky cathedral gold cupola
Thailand candle festival dancers

Europe photos

In this category there are images about many European country including Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, France and many others. There are also air views and pictures about Alps. The most represented country is Italy and in particular a northern region called Liguria: it is rich in natural beauties such as Portofino and Cinque Terre. You can find also a lot of images about Rome, Venice and Florence, three of the most visited and loved cities in the world.
Valle dei Templi
Lake Orta San Giulio island abbey Benedictine
Venice boat gondola Venice palaces

Metropolis photos

Here is a huge numbers of pictures of the skyscrapers crowding Manhattan: the Empire State Building in art deco style was built in 1931 and is the tallest of the New York skyscrapers. After that one many other skyscrapers have been built: today the glass is often used to make the structure lighter and to create nice light effects. Other spectacular images are in the category dedicated to San Francisco, Tokyo in Japan and Shanghai in China. Hong Kong most impressive skyscrapers are for sure located in Hong Kong island, in the new financial districts of Central, also named Chung Wan, Sheung Wan and Admiralty. Here the architects have projected spectacular odd shaped buildings which are, in spite of their mass, very light and graceful thanks to the right mix of concrete, glass and steel. Here there are some photographs of the skyscrapers in the center of Francisco. Skyscrapers are a remarkable example of modern architecture: different material such as glass and steel are mixed together creating an harmonic structure. If you love skyscrapers you can visit New York, Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai metropolis.
Tokyo skyscraper curves
downtown Auckland
Hong Kong skyscrapers green tower glass

Cars photos

sport vehicles, luxury cars, vintage models and much more: this is the folder for motor lovers. Almost all the cars are classified according their model and sometimes also the production year. There are English brand like Aston Martin and Rolls Royce, Italian cars such as Ferrari and Fiat, American vehicles like Chrysler and Ford, Germany cars such as BMW and Mercedes and many others. Just click and search.
Lotus orange car
Chevrolet automobile USA
Shelby Cobra Roadster bonnet hood

The authors of the photographs live in Italy, for this reason many images come from Europe. Many sights of Japan and China are present. Images from Asia include views of villages and skyscrapers. In the image collection you can find many nature, animals and insects photos. Car lovers can find many luxury vehicles. Several metropolis skyscrapers have been photographed.
Photos may also be downloaded for desktop wallpapers, the following images are specially suitable for this use; roses, water, fireworks and skyscrapers. All the photos can be used for private or commercial use. For additional informations please read the faq. Comment and questions are welcome.

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