Aegadian Islands


The Aegadian Island are an archipelago very close to the western Sicilian sea: a fast boat reaches Favignana, the main island in just 30 minutes. The other two islands are Marettimo and Levanzo. Favignana in the past was the seat of a prison, later it became famous for tuna fish industry; the typical fishing net is named ”tonnara”. The factory belonged to Florio family and then to Parodi Family of Genoa. Favignana has the shape of a butterfly; it is dominated by Mount Santa Caterina. All along the sea there beautiful bays, both rocky and sandy, for example Cala Azzurra, Cala Rossa. They can be reached by bus or by bike. Marettimo is a rocky island whose name comes from the word mare, that is sea, and timo, that is thyme: this plants is very common. The island is full of sea and undersea cave, that can be visited by boat, making a round trip. Levanzo is small but the white houses of its village are very picturesque.

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