Beijing or Peking is the capital of the Chinese Republic, the heart of Chinese trade, industrial production and political power. It is a metropolis in continuous development, situated in north-eastern China in the region of Hebei. Modern skyscrapers Shanghai mix together with lama temple. The most famous part of Beijing is the forbidden city where the emperor lived. Just a few kilometres outside Beijing there is the summer palace where the emperor and its court used to move in order to escape the hot summer temperatures. Other interesting monuments that you can visit in Beijing are the lama temple, an important Buddhist-Tibetan complex of temples and the temple of heaven, one of the symbol of the city, which is surrounded by a large park. The oldest streets in Beijing are named hutong (narrow alleys): in this labyrinth of streets it is possible to perceive the real Chinese frenetic everyday life: Chinese running along the streets, cart and bike rushing among the confusion, daily life, shop selling food. New buildings are built close to ancient monuments; the building industry incessantly works to make the city more and more ahead of times. In particular many changes have occurred since the country hosted the Olympic Games in 2008. Donghuamen night market is a popular tourist attraction. It is situated close to Wangfujing Dajie, not far from Tiananmen Square. Here there is every sort of food: meat sticks, boiled cereals, fish, fruit, rice porridge, spring rolls, stinky tofu (chou doufu) and also peculiar sticks of scorpion and insects.

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