Hawaii is the 50th state of America. It is formed by an archipelago of hundreds of volcanic islands scattered in the middle of the Tonga 2500 miles away far from the west coast of California. Historically Hawaii were named the Sandwich Islands by the discoverer James Cook, in honour of his superior officer, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.

Must-See in Maui

Maui is an incredibly popular tourist destination and amongst all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is the 2nd biggest in land area (being one of the 20 largest islands in the United States also means you’ll have plenty of space to explore in this tropical paradise). Given the vast land area you’d have to cover to take in all of Maui, we’ve decided to cut down the extraneous and give you ten must-see Maui destinations. If you’re a Powerball winner or a hedge fund baby – hey – you’re welcome to spend months there no matter how long it takes to do everything on the island. For the rest of us, having a simpler list of top-tier places to visit makes the itinerary (and the corresponding vacation bill) a lot easier to manage.

The Tropical Top Ten

  1. The High Mountains

    1. Want a place to chill out – literally – after sweating out the rest of your trip in the lowlands? If so, the High Mountains are your ideal retreat. Approximately 5,000 feet in altitude, these mountains frequently experience the coldest weather on the island. Low in humidity, this locale hits temperatures below freezing a number of times each year. Rainfall is also uncommon compared to other spots on Maui, so you won’t have to worry about random precipitation if it’s pouring on the beach while you’re on vacation.

  2. Kanaha Beach Park

    1. If you’re an active lifestyle-type person and dig watersports, Kanaha Beach Park offers tremendous opportunities for kiteboarding and surfing buffs. Even if you’re not familiar with these sports, there are usually plenty of novices that come here to experience the best of Hawaii’s aquatic gems. And if your less risk-taking significant other is tagging along, there’s no need to worry. He/she can take in the astounding array of surfers and kiters taking to the water.

  3. Kaleakala National Park

    1. National Parks lovers don’t have to rely on Yellowstone or Yosemite if they want a break from the typical destinations for frequent park-goers. The Haleakala Volcano, though dormant, is a popular sightseeing spot at this popular park, where nearly 1.5 million visitors gather throughout the year. Amateur astronomers will also find plenty to love at Kaleakala, given the relatively low levels of light pollution compared to more populated centers on the island (so don’t forget your telescope)!

  4. Maui Stables

    1. If horseback riding in the tropics is your idea of the perfect getaway adventure, the Maui Stables should certainly be at or near the top of your vacation itinerary. Though the Stables only offers one tour per day on most days of the year, it’s worth a visit if you have equestrian desires and have tired of spending another day lounging on the beach.

  5. Waimoku Falls Trail

    1. Whether you’re hiking the trail or riding on horseback, this trail intersects Haleakala National Park and offers several miles of delectable scenery to take in year-round. There’s an incredible waterfall to spot on your way, and the trail is definitely a change-of-pace from the more pedestrian experience of walking on the beach at sunset (not that we discourage the pleasures of strolling on Maui’s stunning beaches any time of the year).

  6. Keawakapu Beach

    1. There are dozens of spectacular beaches to experience while you’re in Maui, but as we said before, most of us won’t have the time during our visit to hit up each and every one of them. If you can only make it to one beachfront locale during the length of your stay, head over to Keawakapu Beach. The ocean views are incredible, the weather typically gorgeous, and hey – no Hawaiian vacation is complete without at least a day spent lounging on one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the country.

  7. Wai’anapanapa State Park

    1. Just because Wai’anapanapa is only a State Park and doesn’t have the esteemed ‘National Park’ designation doesn’t mean it’s worth any less of your time. In fact, this enchanting park is home to a gorgeous black sand beach and is a stunning place to hold your family picnic. Though Wai’anapanapa isn’t an ideal surfing location due to harsh wave breaks, it can’t be beat for a more relaxing outing. The most stressful part of your day hear will be pronouncing its mouthful of a name.

  8. Kapalua Plantation Course

    1. Not everyone goes to Maui for the beaches and the picnics. If golf is more your style, head over to Kapalua Plantation Course. Offering one of the most pristine, spectacular locales in the United States for golfing, pack up your clubs and make your way here for a day of perfect-weather golfing. The wind might be a little rough, but we feel it’s a small price to pay for the rest of this top-notch sporting experience.

  9. The Old Lahaina Luau

    1. A traditional Hawaiian vacation wouldn’t be complete without a luau on the agenda, and the Old Lahaina Luau offers one of the best nighttime party experiences to be found on any island in Hawaii. Authenticity is key to this event’s success, and many visitors have exclaimed how delicious the food is (in case that’s the most important criteria on your list).

  10. Maui Paintball in Lahaina

    1. Looking for something less-traditional and higher-octane to experience in Maui? If so, head over to Maui Paintball in Lahaina. Popular for singles, adults, kids, and even entire families, this outing will certainly set your Hawaiian vacation apart from everyone else’s. Just don’t forget to bring the right outfit for this outdoor mania – you won’t want to show up in only a bathing suit when you’re being pelted by paintballs all afternoon long!

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