Palermo is the main city in Sicily. It is located on the northwest coast. The visit of the city takes a few days: Palermo is rich in Norman buildings and Baroque churches. Close to Palermo you have the chance to make trips to Cefalu, Monreale and Bagheria. The central point of the city is named Quattro Canti, a beautiful Baroque square settled at the crossing of two main roads. Quattro Canti divide the city in four districts: Kalsa, Capo, Vucciria, Ballaro. Walking along the streets you pass through rich areas with shops and elegant buildings. In the popular quarters you can perspire the smell of the past. you can perspire the smell of the past. Some streets for instance still maintain the ancient Arab name. If you want to experience the real Palermo do not miss the open air markets of Vucciria, Ballaro, Capo and Borgo Vecchio. Here you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish at good price but most of all you will feel to be in an oriental bazaar. The Cathedral is a mix of many styles since the construction went on until the XIX century. The Church of the Jesus is a masterpiece of the Baroque. The Palace of the Normans, built over the rest of an Arab fortress, as the seat of the Norman kings. The Palatine Chapel, commissioned by Roger II of Sicily: the mosaics are breathtaking, they represent scenes of the Bible and the New Testament.

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