Shanghai is with Beijing one of the most important and biggest cities of China. It is built close to the delta of river Yangtze. It is an economical, commercial and financial center situated in a crucial communication knot. This folder contains images of Pudong, old town Shanghai, the great museum Shanghai, the spectacular skyscrapers Shanghai and many various images taken downtown Shanghai. Shanghai growth is incredible, its aspect quickly changes, the building activity is a powerful business. This is the city which best represents China economical development. The "Bund" is an Anglo-Indian word that means pier along the mud landing place of a port: actually this area of the town has always fought against the mud and the water. The Bund was the heart of commercial life in the XIX century when the western countries had settled their trading activity in Shanghai. You can reach this district walking till the end of downtown Shanghai; on the opposite side of Huangpu river there is Pudong new district. The France Paris Concession was the foreign concession of France Paris in Shanghai, established in 1849; it was named France Paris of the Asia. Today it still maintains XIX century buildings in neoclassic and art deco style. This was the area where many foreigners lived; today is full of trendy shop and luxurious hotels.

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