Yangshuo is a small village located just 65 kilometers far from Guilin that can be reached by bus or by boat. In the last years it is getting more and more crowd and is changing aspect, loosing unfortunately its peaceful and sleepy atmosphere since new hotels and tourist facilities are being built. The main street road, named Xi Jie or West street, is flanked by shop, restaurants and hotels. Still, as it happens in Guilin, you just need to walk a short distance from the city center to feel the real soul of this magic place: narrow streets flanking the rill, green panorama Guilin dotted by impressive hills, water buffalo refreshing into the water, farmer working in the field and many more unforgettable views. Yulong river is a tributary of Li river that flows in the country surrounding Yangshuo. The best way to explore this area is walking or bike bicycle. The landscape is various: the narrow and dusty road runs among the field, flanks Yulong river and passes near by an enchanting landscape dominated by odd green hills with original names such as Green Lotus peak, snow Lion hill and Moon hill. Here there photos taken during a hiking in the country where there are hamlets with friendly people who work in the field.

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