Robotics Pdf Documents

Curriculum vitae (133 Kb)
all terrain mobile robot

"Design and simulation of an all terrain mobile robot"
Bachelor thesis (1755 Kb)

gecko home cleaning 1gecko home cleaning 2 "Cleaning robot; analysis and project "
Italian degree thesis (7619 Kb, 1127 Kb)
cleaning automation

"Domestic-Chores Automation: Multi-Media Analysis and Assessment Study"
Italian degree thesis article I (177 Kb)

home cleaning "Gecko-Collie - Homecleaning automation of floors, walls, and cupboards"
Italian degree thesis article II (317 Kb)
surgery robot 1 surgery robot 2 surgery robot 1

"Design and simulation of medical tools"
Italian and French PhD thesis (9338 Kb, 270 Kb, 8744 Kb)

clamping tool 1 "Self Adaptable Clamping Tools for Multiple-Seizure"
Publication IEEE IMG04 (378 Kb)
clamping tool 2 "Miniature gripping device"
Publication IEEE IMG04 (348 Kb)
robotic heart surgery "Surgery grippers for Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery"
Publication IEEE IMG04 (693 Kb)
limb prosthesis "Upper limb prosthesis for developing countries"
Publication IEEE IMG04 (269 Kb)
surgery survey "Robots in medicine: a survey of in-body nursing aids"
Publication ISR 2004 (275 Kb)
limb prosthesis "Videogame for safe flights"
Publication ELH04 (206 Kb)

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