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Here there are views of Macao downtown; the pictures are taken all around the city; the southern part is the most modern one with casinos and luxurious hotels; the historic center, that is oldest part, is characterized by narrow and twisty streets where typical Europe houses mix with Chinese sign. Walking through Macao historic center you get the chance to see many traces of the Portugal colonization. Senado square, or largo do Senado, was and is still today the center of the town: it is surrounded by pastel-colour building in neoclassical style. Saint Dominic's church was founded by three Spanish Dominican priests and is recognizable for its yellow front. The Holy House of Mercy was the seat of a charitable organization which founded the first hospital in Macao. Close to Mount Fortress there are Saint Paul's ruins: the front of this church is today a symbol of the city. Mount Fortress was built by the Jesuits as defence structure: climbing the hill it is possible to have nice views of the houses and the sea.

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