Free photo collection

Cepolina website hosts over 20000 free photo coming from the world; photo have been taken mainly in Europe, America, India and China. Photo are classified in 1400 categories like plants, animals, cars and food. Photo categories are described by over 5000 sentences.

Each photo can be saved in six formats (up to 1600X1200 pixels). You can download any photo for private or commercial use. For example any photo can be used for websites, paintings, digital presentations, books, tshirts and cross stitch. The large variety of geography free photo comes from the main world capitals.

nature photos


Nature is probably the most interesting photo category. Almost all the nature photos are shot outdoor. The light of the Sun is a precious source of illumination. The nature is a beauty; the fire, the water, the clouds are magic. The stones, the mountains and the planets represent the ground part of the nature. Trees and plants compose a romantic country. Finally the animals enjoy this theatre. Most of the nature photos of this website are searched using google search. If you find some errors, please suggest the correct name of the photographed animals.

geography photos


Camera is the perfect companion for travel. Most of the photos of the free photo collection are related to travel. Europe is the most photographed place, for example many photos come from Italy, France and Turkey. The following photos come from America: California, Hawaii and New York. The atmosphere of Asia is unique; Japan is warm, China is modern, India is spicy, Java is secret. Oceania photo collectio includes photos from Tonga and New Zealand. Tonga islands are magic.The photos from Africa show the desert and Morocco region.

transport photos


Public transport is normally the most affordable and ecologic way to move. Some examples of public transport are: trains, trams and busses. Transport is normally based on wheel; most of the wheeled vehicles runs on roads. Bikes, motorbikes and Segways have two wheels. Cars, vans, tractors and trucks have at least four wheels. Helicopters, airplanes and the zeppelin allow fast trasfers in the sky. Snowcats and cable ways are specific way of transport for mountain regions. Boats are usually used for transportation of goods and for fishing.

food photos


Food is part of our life. We are what we eat. The site hosts many free photos about food. Food photos are classified by category. Some snacks or bread can be eaten waiting for lunch. First dish is usually pasta or soup. Second dish may consist of meat, fish or vegetables. The spices give flavour. cereals are used as side dish. Fruit and sweets can be eaten to end the lunch. A good drink helps to enjoy the meal. Medicines are a special kind of food. Most of the photographed dishes are Occidental, some dishes come from Asia.

art photos


The domain of the art is very wide. Fine arts include; painting, murals and mosaics, sculpture and statues. Examples of decorative arts are jars, vases, pottery, crystal bottles, emblems and masks. Architecture is an example of Applied Art. The art related to music and religion is classified in a specific section. Christmas decorations are also present. The number of categories related to art grows depending on the overall number of photos available; new art categories born when new photos, related to aspecific topic, are available.

objects photos


This collection of free photos includes many objects photos. In our daily life we touch many objects like pens, books, clocks, telephones and money. Some objects are related to home like kitchenware, basket, rubbish, and broom. Traffic signs, umbrellas and flags are examples of outdoor objects. There are specific objets used to carry goods like boxes and barrels. Objects and goods can be secured using chains, ropes and locks. There are also specific free photos of objects related to fashion.

technology photos


Technology objects surround us. Mobile phones are a sort of arm and mind extension. Computers, cameras, sport equipment are part of our daily life. new robots clean the house. Electronic objects catch our attention and ask to be photographed. The following objects are usually found in the house; typewriter, housewares, toys, heaters and tools. Binoculars, funfair, telecommunication are examples of outdoor technology. Energy and mechanics are important subjects related to technology. Alarm and old army are also present in the photo collection.

people photos


Body expressions of people are some of the most interesting and exciting subjects to photograph. Faces are expressive and unique. The photo collection includes images of people doing their job or making sport. People are living their daily life. Some free outdoor photos are also present; some people take part to a parade, a crowd of people is following sport games. Some footprints photos can be also seen. Pumpkin man is a special kind of people. The photos of people come from different regions of Europe, Asia, Oceania and America.