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Free photos FAQs

Q: Are the photos of this site really free?
A: The images of the site can be downloaded for personal or commercial use, please:
- credit on your website
- do not use the images to clone this stock photo website
- do not link directly to the images of the website

Q: High resolution format is available?
A: Each of the 20000 photos is generally available in five formats:
thumbnail 64X48, mobile phone wallpaper 150X113, small screen 640X480, medium screen 1024X1068, wide screen 1280X960, print 1600X1200

Q: Who are the authors of the photos?
A: Emanuela, Sara, Valentina, Alberto, Marco and Francesco Cepolina. Some friends of Sara.

Q: Why the same photo is available in more than one size?
A: All the photos have been resized directly from the original file: using one of the five given formats, quality loss is avoided.

Q: Is this site popular?
A: Each year about 5 millions of pages are browsed.

Q: What are the terms of this service?
A: Disclaimer. The service is given for free and as it is. We are not responsable for any damage or loss that can born using it. As far as we know, this website contains no virus or trojans. Photos are described in English and then automatically translated in other languages; we apologize for any possible mistake.

A special thank to Ning Zhou who created the ASP code for the image gallery.
The small flags, shown in the mobile photo website, come from Mark Fennel flags collection.

Q: Which languages are available?
A: The website is available in overall 19 languages:

العربية الصور   简体中文 照片   中國傳統 照片   Deutsch Foto   English photo   Español foto   Ελληνικά εικών   Fins valokuva   Française photo   हिन्दी फोटो  
Italiano foto   日本 フォト   한국어 사진술   Nederlands Foto   Norske bilde   Português foto   Россию фото   Svenska foto   Türk fotoğraf

Q: My internet connection is slow. How can I load pages faster?
A: A limited bandwidth website is available: the pages have smaller thumbanils. Only 8000 images are available instead of 20000.

العربية الصور   简体中文 照片   中國傳統 照片   Deutsch frei foto   English free photo   Español foto libre   Ελληνικά εικών   Fins valokuva   Française photo gratuite   हिन्दी फोटो  
Italiano foto gratis   日本 フォト   한국어 사진술   Nederlands vrije foto   Norske befrir foto   Português imagem gratis   Россию фото   Svenska fritt foto   Türk fotoğraf

Q: Do you have a privacy policy?
A: Yes we have one.

For any additional information please contact me