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Lake Maggiore is named also Verbano. It is located in northern Italy, on the south side of the Alps. It is a lake close to Alps. The lake extends for almost 70 kilometers. The landscape is various: mountains in the north, hills in the middle and plain in the south. The two shores are picturesque: they are rich in mansions, trees, villages, romantic paths and relaxing beaches. The Borromean islands are jewels that can be visited catching a boat from Stresa or another close village. Fishing is a traditional activity: perches, pikes and eels can be found in the menus of the local restaurants. This area is also rich in castles: in the Middle Ages noblemen built their fortresses to defend their country. Arona, Angera and Massino Visconti castles are the most famous. Here there are various images taken during trips in the surroundings of the Lake Maggiore. Baveno is a very small village close to Stresa. It is worth to visit it to have a look at the enchanting square where is built the church of Saints Gervaso and Protasio: it was realised in the XI century using granite stones. The tower bell dominates the square that is surrounded by arcades decorated with frescos. Santa Caterina del Sasso is an hermitage located on the eastern coast of the lake: it is very suggestive since it was built in the rocks falling into the lake. The best way to visit it is coming by boat, but also the long and steeply stairway is picturesque. It was built in the XIV century: walking through an arcade you reach the church which is decorated with frescos. Luino is a small

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