Italy is the European country with the largest number of lakes. They are mostly located in the north. Here there are the three biggest Italian lakes: Lake Maggiore, Como Lake and Garda Lake. These are Alps lake and are situated just below the Alps. They took origin after the glaciations: the snow melt down and left big valleys that were filled with the water coming down from the mountains. Here there are images of Lake Maggiore and Orta Lake. Do not miss the experience to swim in the lake: the water is sweet and calm and the surrounding landscape is one of the best in Italy. Italian Lakes are an appreciated holiday place. Italians and foreign tourists arrive from March to October: France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Holland are very close. The climate is mild both in summer and in winter. Mediterranean and exotic plants grow easily: there are many mansion with beautiful gardens. Among the many plants there are lemon, laurel, and olive trees, camelia, azaleas, chestnut trees and hollies.

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