New York is the most populated city of America and one of the major metropolis of the world. It is a center of international finance, politics, entertainment, and culture. In this section you can widely see the many different aspects of the Big Apple: skyscrapers New York, Brooklyn bridge, night views, chaotic streets New York, Guggenheim, Times Square and much more.


New York City is the largest urban district in the United States and the State of New York, in which its urban conglomeration makes up a majority of the state’s overall population. Often described as the city with streets paved in gold – a metaphor for the immigrant opportunities offered more than a century ago to travelers from across the Atlantic – New York today remains a complex mosaic of interconnected peoples, cultures, industries, and languages that differs drastically from the far less cosmopolitan nature of many other U.S. cities. Visitors from both within the country and outside it frequently find NYC to be the ideal combination: a city with a distinctly American feel that retains the metropolitan flair of other truly international cities, such as Tokyo, London, and Paris.

The Boroughs

Most people outside of the city don’t realize that, given the city’s size and population base, New York is actually separated into five individual counties – called boroughs – that each has a unique flair. While each one is a part of a greater, integrated New York, they’re also different enough to merit mention on their own. Below, we’ll cover each of the five boroughs, and some major finds you can uncover for yourself while visiting each of them.


Times Square

Easily the most famous destination in all of New York City, Times Square was actually a very dumpy section of central NY until a major renovation project was completed several decades ago. Now that car travel through the square has been restricted, the crowd flow is much smoother and you’ll feel like less of a sardine in the area. Be sure to check out the Toys ‘R’ Us flagship store, for its character-inclusive Ferris Wheel inside the building as well as giant Lego displays.

Grand Central

One of the most gorgeous commuter train stations ever built on the eastern seaboard of the United States, Grand Central Station is a popular tourist destination in its own right, and has a number of dining and retail options to boot. If you’re entering the city from outside via rail, it’s likely you’ll disembark either at Grand Central or Penn Station; if possible, always take the former option.

The Empire State Building

Even though the new World Trade Center building is now taller than this impressive landmark, there are still few buildings in the world with more fascinating, awe-inspiring views than those you find on the observation floor of this building. If the line’s too long, still check out the lobby, as it’s worth a look in its own right.


Coney Island

Famous for the still-highly rated Cyclone roller coaster, Coney Island is a landmark destination for everyday New Yorkers, young and old alike. If you want a slice of the true New York lifestyle, alongside a slice of pizza and a few stomach turners, there’s no better place in the city to go than this decades-old amusement park. You’re also within a short stroll of the New York Aquarium and the boardwalk.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

For spectacular views of the most famous bridge in the entirety of the five boroughs (with all due respect to the George Washington and Verrazano-Narrows bridges), check out this very new park alongside the waterfront. There’s plenty of lush grass during the summer months to lounge on, and you’ll get spectacular views of buildings from across the water (the Manhattan skyline is a lot more impressive from a distance, since you won’t have to crank your neck so far up like you do downtown).

The Bronx

Yankee Stadium

No professional sports team on the planet has won more championships than the New York Yankees, affectionately termed the Bronx Bombers by their large and loyal fan base. The new Yankee Stadium is only a few years old, but it was designed to replicate the old school charm of the original stadium. Catch a game if you’re around in-season. If not, the outer façade is still worth catching as you make your way down the street.

The Bronx Zoo

Outside of a trip to Yankee Stadium, the Bronx is best known for its world-class zoo. Given its location in the ‘concrete jungle’ that is New York, the fact that you can see this many animals is a real treat, but do remember that the most common animals you’ll see in the Bronx Zoo, and anywhere else in New York really, are humans.


Museum of the Moving Image

If you live outside the United States, you likely thing first and foremost of Los Angeles as the media and film capital of the country, and in many ways you’d be right. But New York has a rich and extensive film, television, and broadcast media heritage, something the Museum of the Moving Image demonstrates well. Sure, there are other more artsy museums to catch back in Manhattan, but if you want something that’s off the beaten path and a bit different than what your typical tourist sees while visiting the city, this is the place to go.

Citi Field

The Mets may be the perennial second-favorite team in New York after the Yankees, but Citi Field is a gorgeously constructed stadium in its own right. Tickets to Mets games tend to be noticeably less expensive than those over in the Bronx, so if you’re looking for a cheap outing in the center square for America’s favorite pastime, this is the place to catch a game.

Staten Island

Chinese Scholar’s Garden

Located at Snug Harbor, this site is the premiere Chinese Scholar’s garden in the U.S. Check out a collection of exquisite Chinese furniture from the 1700s and the 1800s, and roam around leisurely given that the park is only about an acre in size.

Conference House

Conference House Park is the location where a 1776 conference for peace terms was conducted between the British and members of the Continental Congress. If you’re a history buff and desire something that traces its roots to America’s fight for independence, the quieter location of Staten Island will allow you plenty of time to ponder what life was like in the ‘colonies’ over 200 years ago.

Useful Information

Here are some helpful tidbits that should come of use during your visit…

Forms of Transportation:



Commuter Rail

Ferry (take the Staten Island Ferry when visiting that borough, both for ease of transit and the accompanying views)


New York City is the food capital of the Western Hemisphere, and it’s well known that no other city outside Paris has as many world-class restaurants and alternative dining experiences. We could give you a list of recommendations, but you really can’t go wrong if you explore cuisines unique to each borough, and each distinct neighborhood within those boroughs.


When you’re in Manhattan, particularly in the tourist-dominated areas near Times Square and Rockefeller Center, be sure to avoid picking up any ‘free’ handouts. Struggling musicians will attempt to get you to take what appears to be a free CD of their new mixtape work, but will then try to extract $10 or more out of you once the disc is in your hand. Same goes for religious converters, who will hand you free reading material and then insist you go watch a movie or a short presentation at their place of worship. Unless you’re looking to fork out cash or spend all day in a conversion session, don’t take anything and instead nod politely and pass as you make your way to your next destination.

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