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The old town is the ancient district of Shanghai; narrow downtown Shanghai and typical China house types are hidden among the skyscrapers Shanghai and seem to be really far from the frenetic life that characterizes this city nowadays. Here there are images of the bazaar, located to Yu the Mandarin's Garden, or Yuyuan garden, which represents the architecture style of the Ming dynasty. The district is characterized by narrow pedestrian street road which are full of souvenirs and food shops. Chinese and foreign tourists come here to look for the oldest part of Shanghai. In this area it is interesting to visit Chen Xiang monastery, too. It was built during the Ming dynasty and is famous for its eaglewood statue of Guan Yin Bodhisattva which attracts Buddhist pilgrims. There are pictures taken inside the temple, of the altar with the fruit donation for the gods. Just outside the sacred area there are always burning candle sticks and warming pot.

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