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Sanliurfa or Edessa is often named simply Urfa. It is the Prophets' city being related to Job and Abraham. Many people come here on pilgrimage. The close Syrian borders make the atmosphere special: you can feel the Middle East world in the food, the people, the perfumes and the colors. Kurdish people are the biggest ethnic group here. The most interesting parts of the city are the Citadel and the Bazaar. The Citadel or Kale is located at the top of a hill from where there is an heartbreaking landscape; the legend says that Abraham fell down from here and landed unhurt on a bed of roses. Close to the Citadel there are two large pools full of sacred Carps and several mosques. The Bazaar is a labyrinth of small alleys: the whole area is divided into many districts according to the goods; wandering here and there you can see nice courts full of people who are working or are playing backgammon.